Laurelwood Swim Club



The pool manager and lifeguards (at the manager’s option) are authorized by the Pool Board of Directors to maintain and enforce the following Rules and Regulations, and to impose appropriate remedial penalties for infractions at their discretion. The Board of Directors will maintain ultimate authority in all cases, and may take action of its own if it is deemed necessary.

  1. All visiting pool guests must be registered and paid for by their member host even if they are not swimming. $10 guest fee per person
  2. We ask that you bring no more than one guest per member.  4 members at the pool can have up to 4 guests with them.  *If you are looking to host a party please see the contact us page for more information.
  3. A single person can be a guest no more than 5 times in one season.
  4. In order to help prevent contamination of the swimming by cryptosporidium, children not potty trained must wear swim diapers and plastic pants over their diapers in the main swimming pool and the baby pool. All swimmers are asked to refrain from swimming in the pool following any diarrhea, or intestinal sickness for a two week period. These are recommendations by the county health department and supported by the Laurelwood Board. 
  5. Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children and for keeping the pool and other areas clean.
  6. All children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or a babysitter 15 years or older-this also includes swim team practice times. Baby sitters must be 15 yrs of age and be registered with pool in advance. Waiver forms and emergency consent forms must be signed in advance before sitter/grandparents are allowed to watch children at the pool. No children should be left unattended at any time. 
  7. No talking to the lifeguards while on duty.
  8. Only the pool manager, lifeguards and pool officers are permitted in the pool office.
  9. Only pool staff, pool officers and snack bar attendants are permitted in the snack bar.
  10. The pool will be closed at 4:30pm prior to any scheduled swim meet or pool social event. Check the pool bulletin board or Laurelwood Ledger for these dates & times. Other summer league pools offer use of their pools when swimming against Laurelwood at our pool. Please see pool office for details.
  11. Only people over the age of 18 years are allowed in the pool during adult swims-babies are not permitted to swim with parents during this time.
  12. Only children ages 5 and under or with special needs are allowed in the baby pool and must have a supervising adult or guardian within arm’s reach of them.
  13. No running on the pool deck.
  14. Diving is only allowed in the deep end of the pool. No diving in water less than 5 feet deep. No sailor dives, back flips or front flips are allowed from the sides/gutters of the pool. No running on the diving board, one bounce only, and no trick diving is allowed. Backwards diving allowed for 12 yrs. and older and is at the discretion of the lifeguards. No floatation devices of any kind are allowed on the diving board (swimmies, floaties etc.). No one is permitted in diving well while diving board is in use.  Adults may not catch children jumping off diving board. No ball throwing while diving off the board.
  15. No water guns, torpedoes, rafts or other floatation devices are allowed at the pool.  Baby floats and swimmies are allowed. Water balls may only be used in the 5’ section of the pool and all participants must be in the water.   Use of the water balls will be at the lifeguard and staff’s discrection. 
  16. The game “Sharks and Minnows” can be played in the diving well if no one is using the diving board and is at the discretion of the lifeguards. No one on the diving board while the game is in progress.
  17. Sporting equipment and board games are available for use by all members and must be returned after each use to gate personnel.
  18. NO GLASS CONTAINERS are allowed on the pool property, plastic cups & containers please. Do not bring any glass or dispose of any glass on pool property.
  19. The gas grills are available for use by all pool members and should be cleaned after each use by person using grill.
  20. The pavilion area is for use by all members. Parties or groups are responsible for cleaning the pavilion area after their function.
  21. Umbrellas are provided and are available first come, first serve.  No other umbrellas, shade canopies, or popup tents are allowed.  

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